What Kinds of Information Products Can You Create?

Kinds of Information Products

There’s a huge market these days for information products. Digital information products are digital files that are distributed over the Internet. The advantage for you, the product creator, is that there is very little overhead and infoproduct creation is easy. It’s just a matter of identifying a specific problem and solving it for your audience.

If you’re just getting started with information products, here are some ideas of the type of products you can create:


eBooks are “electronic books.” In other words, they’re PDF files that you can download and read on a PC, or on an Amazon Kindle or other similar device. You create your book in Word format and then add a cover, table of contents, and other elements and it’s ready to go.

Physical Books

There are a number of self-publishing platforms online that allow you to create and publish actual books, such as Lulu.com or CreateSpace.com. Some authors prefer to have a physical book to distribute offline. One strategy is to publish your book both electronically and physically.


An e-course is some kind of educational course that’s offered online. You can teach an actual live course through platforms or programs like Skype, Google Hangouts, or GoToWebinar.


The format of workbooks is similar to an eBook or physical book, but the important difference is that the student does the actual work. In addition to presenting the information, there are activities for your customer to work through. They learn and implement as they go.

Video Series

Videos are very easy and cheap to produce today, and video offers an alternative format to text. Some people prefer learning through video, and it works better for certain types of tasks where people need to see what they’re doing.

Audio Series

You can release an audio series by producing MP3s that your audience can listen to on-the-go using a smartphone or other device. Again, audio offers another way for people to learn.

Email Courses

An email course is a course that’s delivered over email. You send out periodic messages using an email marketing program like Aweber.com or GetResponse.com. The format can be text, video, audio, or whatever else your audience prefers.

Webinar Recordings

If you host webinars, you can record them and use this as an information product. This is one way to leverage your content to get more mileage out of it.

Membership Sites

A membership site is where you offer various content, offers, or courses exclusively for members.

Which format is best depends on your capabilities and the tastes of your audience. Try to discover how they like to learn and create the content that matches their preferences.

Use a Fast Information Product Creation System

As a business owner, you have some type of expertise you can use to solve your audience’s problems. The goal of your product is to identify this problem and offer one way to solve it that’s quicker, cheaper, or easier than other solutions out there.

The best strategy is to produce a high volume of small products, each of which addresses a specific problem. Brainstorm a list of ideas for common problems you can solve, and you’re ready to get started creating your first product.

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