17 Ways to Make Your PLR Unique

Rebranding your PLR and making it unique is the number one task that you should complete if you want to have any chance of selling your product. This checklist goes through all the steps you should take for a total product rebranding.

  1. Change the name of your product.
  2. Find a matching domain name.
  3. Use an online resource as http://leandomainsearch.com to get product name ideas and matching domain name.
  4. Strip it from all existing graphics and images.
  5. Create a new color palette including your dominating color.
  6. Create all new graphics from scratch.
  7. Create a logo (optional).
  8. Create new eCover Graphics.
  9. Add images to illustrate your content.
  10. Add icons to make it easier for your customer to consume and remember your content. (check out any “for Dummies” book and see how they use icons).
  11. Flip the format. Turn text-based PLR into Video for example.
  12. Add your own experience.
  13. Add your opinion.
  14. Add resources.
  15. Rewrite the sales copy.
  16. Create a new sales page.
  17. Important: Check out that NOTHING reminds your potential customer that your product was done with PLR.

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