7 Reasons Email is a Powerful Marketing Tool

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Just because something has been around for many years doesn’t mean it no longer works. Email is a powerful marketing tool because it works. When someone signs up to receive emails from you they’ve given you permission to market to them. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Let’s look at some reasons email is such a powerful marketing tool.

Email marketing helps build relationships

Once someone opts in to your list, you have an opportunity to build a relationship with them. You do this using the messages that you send them to educate, inform, and engage.

Emails are easy to personalize and target

You can personalize and target your messages to subscribers based on their behavior. Segmenting technology triggers an action based on the subscriber’s behavior. This is available through most autoresponder services.

Email keeps your brand at top of mind

People visit websites, social media pages, and more all the time. Unfortunately, they usually forget about it the minute they leave. Getting them to sign up for your email list will help you stay in touch with them which long after they are gone. You can bring them back to your website, to your social media platforms, and keep your name in their mind.

Email marketing is inexpensive

Email is still one of the least expensive types of marketing that you can do. Buying an autoresponder service doesn’t cost much when first starting out. You can do it for under $50 a month if you choose something like Aweber.com, Mailerlite.com, or Convertkit.com. You’ll pay more as your list grows but if you send the right type of messages it will pay for itself. According to a study conducted by the direct marketing association, every dollar spent on email marketing returns an average of $38.

Emails spur action

An email is a perfect place to put your calls to action. You can put more than one in an email if it’s relevant. Try to keep it to fewer than three per email, but try to find a way to monetize each email to make it pay for itself. When you include the right action words with your CTAs it’ll make a big difference.

You can track & measure your results

All the popular autoresponder software offers the ability to track and measure results. Being able to look at data to find out what is working and what is not working will save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Use the analytics that the service offers to improve all your campaigns.

You own your email list

Social media platforms come and go but one thing is clear. Having an email list is an asset that you cannot lose. You own the list. No matter what happens to various platforms you’re going to be able to move your list to a new one if you need to. Look at the most popular online marketing experts and businesses. You’ll see they’ve taken the time to build and nurture a targeted list of interested parties and customers.

Email is a powerful marketing tool. Because you own the list, it’s a way to stay in front of your subscribers. You can get closer to your audience by building relationships with them on an individual basis too.

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Reasons Email is Powerful Marketing Tool