PLR Funnel Secrets

This is a proven PLR profit model that works well with any kind of PLR. It’s also easier to attract affiliates when using this system.

Create a valuable checklist or a cheat sheet around the topic or niche of the main PLR product that you want to sell.

Add a BUY button and price it under $5. This will be the Front End offer.

Create OTO#1 with PLR training content or White Label software. Price it between $17 and $47.

Make out of OTO#2 a stack of several PLR products (and maybe some of your own). They should be ALL relevant to the main topic of the Front End offer. It should be marketed as “The Toolbox”. It will be a mix of training, Books, Reports, Software, Checklists, Templates, etc. Price it between $67 and $97.

Extract the most valuable product from “The Toolbox” and offer it as a downsell of OTO#2. Price it between $27 and $37.

Make sure you create a JV page.

Use your own list, social media and affiliates as your main sources of traffic.

Use this funnel and come with a new offer every 6 to 8 weeks. It’s important to be consistent so you start to build a presence in the market and start getting more affiliates on board, launch after launch.

After you have six (or more) of those offers under the belt, you can come with a “Firesale Offer” with all these checklists sold at a discount.

PRO TIP: This funnel makes it easier to get affiliates on board when using PLR. Start contacting and connecting with potential affiliates a few months before you start telling them about your offer. Connecting means having a conversation on social media, through FB Messenger, in Facebook Groups, etc, WITHOUT asking them for anything, let alone asking them to promote your product.

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