PLR Course – From Dream to Do to Done [Coach Glue]

It’s an all-too-common scenario.

A promising coach with valuable gifts and a passion for her mission begins to build a business.

She studies available training materials.She attends webinars and in-person events.She dreams of the day she can leave her job behind and achieve the success she sees so many others in her niche realizing.

And yet, months (or even years) later, she’s still spending her lunch hour reading business books, while her coaching plans just haven’t taken off.

What went wrong? Did she lack the desire to do the work? The skills? The confidence?

No. What she was really missing was a plan.

Only a carefully executed plan turns dreams into reality

Here’s the thing. All the dreaming in the world won’t build a business. Your clients have to take the steps to turn those dreams into their reality. And that’s where the perpetual dreamers get stuck.

You see, it’s hard to find the path from where they are now to where they want to be. There are dozen (maybe hundreds) of false trails. There are pitfalls and hidden obstacles along the way.

Dreams become goals.Goals become tasks.Tasks build businesses.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? And on the face of it, it is.

They can, after all, turn their six-figure dream into monthly and weekly and even daily income goals. So far, so good.

But then what?

What specific tasks need to be done to achieve those goals? And maybe more importantly, how will they do them?

That’s where the real trouble lies. It’s not in sketching out a rough map. It’s forging the path and staying true to their goals without becoming distracted that will trip them up and leave them endlessly dreaming and never quite doing.

So many promising entrepreneurs lose their dreams in exactly the same way, but your clients don’t have to.

Using our “From Dream to Do to Done” done-for-you course, you’ll be able to help your clients turn their daydreams into realities with simple strategies that successful coaches, just like them, are using every day to get more done and their goals.

No more struggling to find the path. No more getting lost or sidetracked.No more settling for less than they deserve.

This easy-to-follow, 4-module course is packed with ideas and actionable steps designed to help you effortlessly move from dreamer to successful entrepreneur, including:

  • Walking them through the steps to find their dreams (not someone else’s)
  • How to discover their big “why” and turn their dreams into goals
  • How to get over the roadblocks that are holding them back
  • How to track their progress
  • How to create a rock solid business plan
  • How to save time, money, and energy in everything they do
  • How to avoid letting fear of success derail their efforts
  • How to successfully assess and manage their risks
  • How to handle a change of heart
  • How to create and manage time-saving systems without hiring expensive contractors
  • How to earn more income without doing more work
  • How to easily create new products without re-inventing the wheel each time
  • How to prioritize their day so you can maximize their success
  • And so much more!

And most importantly?

No more daydreaming. Because who needs dreams when their reality is exactly what they’ve always wanted? 😉

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This done for you workshop from Coach Glue includes these 4 lesson modules:

  • Module 1: Building the Business of Your Dreams
  • Module 2: DREAM BIGGER: What do You REALLY Want out of Your Life?
  • Module 3: Turn Those Dreams into Goals
  • Module 4: Make it Happen

You’ll also get access to done-for-you worksheets, checklists, and exercises to use with your clients.

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