Is Your Money Mindset Holding You Back from Business Growth?

The fact is, almost everyone has limiting beliefs and mindset issues that hold them back that formed unknowingly around something. But money mindset issues lead to this problem due to the lack of financial education that most people have. Most people learn everything they know about money from their parents. What parents know is 100 percent tied to their own education and financial class they were born into. This type of knowledge is more likely to be passed forward through close family relationships rather than school education on the topic.

Mindset Issues

These mindset issues show up easily with proof. It shows up in that eBook you wrote 6 months ago that you haven’t launched because you think your writing isn’t good enough, but you haven’t hired an editor who could advise you and you’re just sitting on it. In fact, you might have already started on another project instead of launching the first, second, or third.

Mindset issues show up because you spend hours trying to make graphics using software you don’t understand, when you have no talent for it, instead of hiring someone to make you an amazing graphic that you could easily have by the end of the week while you get other work done successfully to move your project toward launch.

Mindset issues show up because you still haven’t bought that tool you need to make your business run more smoothly. Mindset issues cause you to second guess yourself because you don’t trust yourself or believe in yourself. You’re afraid you’ll make the wrong choices, so you don’t trust your instincts, and you don’t challenge your internal ideas.

If you’re slow (or never) to launch, afraid to outsource, or not buying tools that you need to properly run your business, then it’s more than likely you suffer from some form of mindset issue. The first issue that most people end up having is a money mindset issue. Money, whether we like it or not, has been given an enormous amount of unearned power in our culture. It’s emotional.

Money Mindset Blocks

Those emotions can cause you to react illogically to criticism, not trust other people to do anything for you (mostly because you have no idea what you want), and try to bury yourself in busy work that doesn’t matter to avoid what does matter and gets you closer to launch. (Do you see a trend?)

If you’ve changed your launch timeline several times, changed direction numerous times, found a more magical niche – any excuse not to launch, you need to examine your thought process. Then, you can identify the money mindset blocks you’re dealing with so that you can improve your thought process.

Overcoming Mental Blocks

Only by challenging your thought process, which can be uncomfortable, can you overcome these types of mental blocks about money. But I’m sure you agree that your money mindset is important and that you want to be successful, responsible, and happy at the same time. It’s all possible once you are open to the idea.

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