7 Money-Making Activities To Get Done Daily

One of the first things you should do now that you realize that you may be working with some money mindset issues is to make a list of the money-making activities that you can do each day and set it in your schedule to do them every single day.

What are Money-Making Activities?

When you ask any business owner to do money-making activities first, sometimes they look at you like you have two heads. But the fact is, a money-making activity is simply an action that gives you an opportunity to earn money from it. Therefore, it’s different for each type of business. But, for a generic online business, the following are all money-making activities:

List Building Activities

The more careful you are about how you build your list and the bigger the list gets, the more money you’ll make. Create a freebie offer, improve your opt-in form, integrate better technologies, and so forth.

Affiliate Activities

Your affiliates are probably the first people you should look to for helping you get more money-making tasks completed. Why? Because a money-making task is what they do. They send offers. If you have more offers, your affiliates will be more active making offers.

Email Your List

Your email list is there for you every single day to send messages to. Some of your messages should absolutely be sales related. Ask for the sale. Tell them about this or that product. Let them know what you bought recently. Tell them how to get it too.

Make More Offers

The more offers you make to your email list, your blog readers, your social network connections, and the people you meet, the more money you’re going to make. Shoot for making at least one offer a day.

Create More Offers

If you have nothing to promote, then you should be creating offers. These offers can be made for list building or a paid product. The idea is you want more to offer your audience to move them to your list – either by getting something free or by buying something.

Nurture Your Network

Spending time and money on nurturing your network is an important money-making task. This may mean having coffee with a connection, going to a speech, speaking somewhere, or making other connections that can lead to more opportunities. Beware that this can become busy work and you should prioritize more direct money-making activities.

Complete Orders

This is probably one of the most direct ways to make money. Finish an order. Send an invoice. Do the work and get paid. If you have a service-based business plus you’re building a passive income-based business, work on the passive income first, then the direct income tasks.

Once you know what the tasks are that earn money, directly and indirectly, look at your calendar and start scheduling at least one money-making task into each day. If you have nothing to promote, that’s a sign that you need to create. If you have products and services to promote, that’s a sign that you need to be networking and making offers.

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