How to Use PLR as a Bonus

It’s important you rebrand all your PLR that you are offering as a bonus – This will improve conversions.

Choose Quality PLR.

Make sure the PLR product that you are offering as a bonus is relevant to the product sold.

Make sure the PLR product completes the product sold.


  • Change the name.
  • Create new Cover Graphics.

Create a 100 words description of the bonus.

Stack the value by adding 3 to 10 bonuses.

Don’t include all the bonuses at once. Add a couple in the middle of your promo campaign and add a high value bonus the last day of your promo.

Add different types of bonuses (keep them relevant):

  • Reports
  • eBooks
  • Video Training
  • Cheatsheets
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Software

Create a bonus page and add all the bonuses plus the new rebranded graphics and respective product description.

Add a countdown timer to the bonus page and make sure you mention it’s a limited time offer.

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