How to Turn PLR Into a Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet is not just about list building. It’s your chance to create a first impression, build authority and move your lead to the next step in your funnel. All this should be reflected in your rebranded Lead Magnet.

Decide what kind of PLR Lead Magnet you want to use:

  • Report
  • Resource List
  • Short Video
  • Checklist
  • Cheatsheet
  • Templates
  • Software

Make sure the lead magnet can be consumed or experienced within 10 minutes.

Change the name of your lead magnet.

Strip the existing graphics.

Create totally new eCovers.

Create totally new graphics for your report, eBook, etc.

Add images and icons when it applies.

Add a page at the beginning of your lead magnet about you, about your expertise and why people should listen to you.

Add your picture. People relate to people.

Finish your Lead Magnets with a call to action.

Include a resource page with useful links and links to your products.

If your Lead Magnet is video, graphics or software, add a short PDF with useful info related to your lead magnet plus those 3 pages: About You, Call To Action and Useful Resources.

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