How to Repurpose Written PLR Content

Written content is the most flexible form of PLR because you can repurpose it in so many ways. This checklist will reveal how to turn your written content into a product with high perceived value with no hint that it was initially PLR.

  • Change the name of the product.
  • Copy the text content and past it in a Google Docs new document. Then go to “Format” in the menu, click and choose “Clear formatting”. Now you have a clean document that you can start formatting in any way you want.
  • Add your own voice to the content. Come with your own case studies, resources and fast action plans.
  • Flip the content (optional) by turning the text-based content into video, audio, mindmaps, worksheets and checklists.
  • Mix the content with other valuable PLR content, adding more value and making the content still more unique.
  • Add new images, icons and graphics to make the content easier and more interesting to consume.
  • Apply full visual rebranding. Not just eCovers and packshots, but also on the PDF files, Slides and videos.

PRO TIP: This is not about rewriting the text as with PLR articles. It’s more about adding your own experience and case studies and making it yours.

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