How to Rebrand Your PLR Sales Page

One of the biggest mistakes that PLR users do is with the sales page. This checklist reveals the exact steps to follow, and what you should avoid at any cost if you want to have any chance of generating sales.

  • Get rid of the existing sales page and any related graphics, images or icons.
  • Start a new sales page from scratch, using a page builder.
  • Get rid of the sales copy. Just keep the list of features and benefits and what problem your product solves
  • Start crafting your sales copy (follow the steps that you see here below).
  • Pre-Headline: Qualify your audience.
  • Headline: Craft your headlines around the main product benefit
  • Write an opener (or a story) that taps into your prospects’ emotions and make them feel the pain of their biggest problem.
  • Write an introduction to your product as the solution to their pain. Include your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and sell the dream (the outcome), not just the product.
  • Create bullet points with features and benefits. Start with the features and benefits listed in the sales copy provided by the PLR pack. Then add more benefits that are specifically relevant to your core target audience.
  • List possible objections you think your target audience may raise with regards to your offer, and then address those objections, one by one.
  • Write your guarantee.
  • Create urgency linked to a special discounted price.
  • Add a countdown timer.
  • Create your “call to action” order button or link. 2. Write up any last-minute instructions
  • Craft your postscript. The main objectives are to remind your audience about the main benefit and to address the main objections.
  • If you are selling white label software, add a video just under the headline, with you showcasing the software and what it can do for your audience.
  • Now that you have the first draft of your sales copy, add it into your preferred page builder.
  • Add your rebranded eCovers, product packshots, etc.
  • Instead of having your features and benefits listed as bullet points, you can have them aligned, each one associated with an icon.
  • Go through the whole sales page and start tweaking, editing, adding or taking out content, etc.

PRO TIPS: Check out this copywriting checklist for a more complete walkthrough. The idea is that you are better off with a completely new sales page that reflects your own core audience needs.

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