How to Rebrand Your PLR Graphics

Visual Rebranding is essential when using PLR. The main visual rebranding effort is going to be around the new eCover creation.

  1. Get rid of all existing graphics
  2. Start by defining your target audience. Be as specific as possible.
  3. Choose the dominant color for your new rebranded product. Take into account your target audience and the nature of your product.
  4. Use to find the rest of the colors that you will use for your graphics (2-3 max).
  5. Create a logo for your product. This is optional, but highly recommended.
  6. Follow this formula when creating your logo: Icon + Fonts + Colors.
  7. Check how your newly created logo fits on an eCover and as a header of your website.
  8. Create the flat graphics (2D) for your eCover components (Report, eBook, iPad, iPhone, etc). Use Canva or Photoshop.
  9. Create the 3D mockups for your eCovers using a tool as eCoverAuthority.
  10. Create social media banners including your eCover Mockups.
  11. Apply your graphics on your sales page, eBook and/or report, and the rest of your product components.

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