How to Launch a Product Using PLR

Yes, you can even launch a product and get affiliates even if it was initially PLR. This takes a lot of work and it’s for more advanced marketers, but it can be so profitable! We made huge profits this way!

Phase One: Sales Offer

Determine how many days the launch is… 3, 4 or 7 days?

Total Rebranding is required. NOTHING should remind us of the original PLR product.

Add your own touch, experience, templates, resources, worksheets and case studies.

If you are selling a White Label software, add your own training videos and tips.

Create New Sales Copy.

Create New Sales Page.

Create the Upgrade Page #1 sales page.

Create the Upgrade Page #2 sales page.

Create the Download Pages.

Set-Up the Integration with JVZoo or WarriorPlus platforms.

Phase Two: JV Recruitment

Create your JV Page.

Register your product at, the most visited ‘launch announcement directory’.

Connect with potential JV/Affiliate partners.

JV Announcement on FB Groups.

Phase Three: Launch Plan


Mail Your List and social media audience – Early Bird Registration: Announce your upcoming product launch and invite then to optin to a special Early Bird list so they can benefit from a special discount.

Mail Your JV Partners about your upcoming launch at least one week in advance (ideally 2 weeks), then a reminder 3 days before launch day, 24 hours before, and then on launch day.

Direct reminder through FB Messenger, to Affiliate Partners that you already know.

Final testing of your funnel flow.

Verify each sales page, download page, OTOs, etc.

Launch Day + Th Rest of The Launch Period

Early Bird announcement to your List on Launch Day.

Email your Affiliate Partners on Launch Day.

Follow Up with JV partners during the launch period, with JV updates, Leaderboard updates, more bonuses, etc.

Tweak the sales page if needed.


Email Follow Up with the new customers.

Thank all Affiliate Partners.

Pay all JV prizes.

PRO TIP: This process of creating and launching a product using PLR takes between 4 to 6 weeks at least.

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