How to Create Offline Training Using PLR

PLR content can become great material for your offline training targeting your local market, instantly positioning you as an expert, as well as generating a consistent stream of income.

Connect with local influencers that have an audience that fits with your offer. It could be a podcaster, a Meetup organizer, a co-working space manager, etc.

Connect with local professional associations that have a consistent list of members. It could be your local chamber of commerce, the local Dentists Association, etc.

Convince one of the above to invite their tribe or members to a free presentation or live webinar that you will be making about a topic of your choice.

Make a clear joint venture agreement (don’t call them affiliates) where you will pay a percentage (30% to 50%) of the registration fee proceeds.

See if you can use your joint venture partners space for your paid workshop as part of the agreement.

Find PLR content that will be the heart of your free presentation and add your personal experience, anecdotes etc.

At the end of the presentation you pitch your ‘2 Day Live Full Immersion training program’ where you will be charging between $600 and $1,200 per attendee.

Get the email address of all your presentation or webinar attendees.

Follow up with them through email.

Find a solid PLR content bundle, ideally from or for your paid ‘2 Day Live Full Immersion training program’.

Create printed handouts, worksheets, templates and any other useful course material.

Film part or all of the live workshop for future use and as social proof for future similar events.

If your attendees are excited about your program make sure you dedicate some time the last day of your training to create some video testimonials.

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