How to Create Content Upgrades with PLR

content upgrades with plr

Many online business owners that use PLR, edit it and publish it on their blogs. They spend a few days promoting it then they let that post die a quiet death and they move on. The problem is that while the post may be informative for the reader, it doesn’t invite them to go deeper.

That’s what a content upgrade is all about. It’s a way of building on the blog content so that visitors are invited to become subscribers who will (hopefully) go on to buy your product or services.

But don’t freak out thinking that content upgrades have to be difficult. They’re easy to make. All you have to do is take the PLR you posted to your blog and turn it into an upgrade. Here’s how to do just that…

Create a Checklist

You know that tutorial you posted to your blog? Summarize each step in just one sentence. Then paste these steps into your favorite word processing software.

You can use the bullet point feature and select squares for an instant checklist. Now just save it as a PDF and you have a downloadable checklist to include with your tutorial.

Make a Worksheet

Take a PLR article and turn it into a worksheet. All you have to do is come up with 3-7 questions. For example if your blog post is about overcoming fear, you may want the first question to be something like: “What were you afraid of as a child?”

Keep asking questions until you help your readers work through their fears. When you’ve finished, save your questions as a PDF and you have a worksheet you can use as a free content upgrade.

Design a Resource List

When it comes to creating a resource list, look at the tools or software mentioned in your PLR content. For example if your PLR content is all about how to make beautiful graphics, it probably mentions websites like PicMonkey or Canva.

All you need to do is open a document and copy every tool listed in your PLR. Be sure to add links where necessary so subscribers can find what they need easily. Save your list and upload it to your website as a simple content upgrade. 

Turn Your Post into a PDF

Sometimes, visitors want to keep your post for future reference. This is especially common for tutorials, recipes, and lists. So, make it easy for visitors to access your content again by providing a PDF of your post.

This is a content upgrade that’s deliciously simple. As soon as your newest post goes live, visit a website like Printer Friendly. Once your conversion is finished, upload your PDF to your website and you have another content upgrade ready to go!

Content upgrades can be simple and easy to make. It just takes a few minutes and you can turn any post into a conversion machine.

Don’t let all of your PLR go to waste! Learn how to re-use your PLR again and again when you download your free workbook!