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In this FREE PLR PACK, you get twelve pregnancy health PLR articles, one checklist and two PowerPoint presentations.

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12 Pregnancy Health PLR Articles

  1. Recognizing 3 Differences between Heart Attack and Angina (439 words)
  2. How to Improve Your Chances of Conceiving a Girl (438 words)
  3. 8 Early Signs of Pregnancy (711 words)
  4. Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding – What Mothers-To-Be Need to Know (639 words)
  5. 7 Tips to Consider When Choosing Baby Names (530 words)
  6. To Circumcise or Not To Circumcise? That is the Question! (668 words)
  7. Cord Blood Banking – An Important Decision to Make Before the Birth of Your Baby (477 words)
  8. 7 Ways to Deal with Heartburn During Pregnancy (576 words)
  9. Pets During Pregnancy – What You Need to Know To Prevent Infection (771 words)
  10. 3 Common Questions About Sex During Pregnancy (541 words)
  11. 3 Reasons Why Smoking During Pregnancy is Not Recommended (537 words)
  12. 6 Things to Avoid During Pregnancy (582 words)

1  Hospital Bag Checklist

Items to Bring to the Hospital or Birthing Center

2 PowerPoint Presentations

1. The Fit Kid: The Benefits of Exercise for Your Child & What Kind of Exercise your Child Needs

2. Acne Treatment: What you Can Do to Improve your Acne

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