3 Deadly Digital Product Creation Mistakes to Avoid

Creating and publishing information products is a great way to earn profits, establish yourself as an expert in your niche, and build a relationship with your audience. It’s very easy to do – all you need is a streamlined system for producing high-quality infoproducts efficiently and quickly.

Although it’s straightforward, there are a few common pitfalls that many business owners fall victim to.

Mistake 1 – Lack of Focus

In Moby Dick, Herman Melville set out to tell the reader everything that was known about whaling and weave it into a grand story. With your information products, you are not going to do that.

Many businesses make the colossal mistake of trying to do it all in one information product. In trying to create the Bible of their niche, they end up with a product that’s unfocused and difficult to digest, if they ever finish it at all.

Solution: Take just one problem or question your audience has and solve it in the quickest, easiest way possible. This is called a minimum viable product (MVP). It is the smallest product possible that still offers true value for the buyer. It’s tightly focused and at the end, the customer has learned something they can use.

For example, you want to create a product on blog writing. The last chapter is on publishing. As you go about writing it, you realize that you have too much to cover. The solution is to create one product on writing, and another on publishing.

Mistake 2 – Lost in the Woods

The devil is in the details. There are many ways to solve any particular problem. There’s no way you could possibly cover everything, and even if you could, your reader might end up confused about which path to take.

Solution: Figure out one way to solve the problem that’s faster, cheaper, and/or easier, and lay this out step by step for your audience. Tell them, “In this report, this is how we’re going to do this one method for solving the problem.”

For example, you’re creating a product on organizing a daily to-do list. There are millions of ways to do this, so you choose one that you’ve used before and that works for you to teach your reader.

Mistake 3 – Launching Your Digital Product and Forgetting About It

Creating information products isn’t rocket science, but your launch is kind of like a rocket launch. Once it shoots up in the air, that’s only the beginning of its journey.

You don’t create a product, launch it, and then wait for the money to roll in. While you can achieve multiple forms of residual income that pay you while you sleep, there is still work to be done post-launch.

Solution: As part of your streamlined digital product creation system, plan post-launch work that includes stellar customer service, following up with customers for feedback to inform future products, and keeping in touch with customers in order to nurture this precious relationship.

These pitfalls can all be avoided with a simple system for information product creation that produces high-quality products quickly.

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