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What’s Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a method of getting ideas, content, solutions, or support from a group of people or community, rather than from employees or suppliers in-house.

Why should you be teaching your audience about crowdsourcing?

Because tapping into the wisdom of a larger group of people helps you:

  • Find unusual, out-of-the-box ideas with a fresh perspective
  • Get direct input from your target market, so you know your output is what they want
  • Cut costs on a wide variety of tasks
  • Build a close relationship with customers, since they can be intimately involved in your business

And you can use Content Sparks done-for-you short course on Crowdsourcing Essentials to get started.

Crowdsourcing Essentials

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This is a short course that’s perfect for creating things like:

  • A new list-building lead magnet
  • An automated eCourse delivered via email or other platform
  • A surprise resource for current customers and clients
  • A value-added bonus for another course or offer
  • A ‘welcome’ bonus for new clients
  • A quick, low-price product you can offer your list for instant cash flow

…or anywhere else you need content in your business.

Here’s a rundown of the modules/topics you’ll cover in Crowdsourcing Essentials:

  • Module 1 – How Crowdsourcing Works
  • Module 2 – Crowdsourcing Content Creation
  • Module 3 – Crowdsourcing for Marketing
  • Module 4 – Crowdsourcing Design
  • Module 5 – Crowdsourcing Microtasks
  • Module 6 – Crowdfunding
  • Module 7 – Crowdsourcing Tips and Best Practices
  • Module 8 – Crowdsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

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And here are all the materials you’ll get:

  • Course Book (6,002 words, 32 pages)
  • Action Guide (19 pages – To use alongside the activities outlined in the Course Book)
  • Summary Cheat Sheet (1,769 words, 17 pages – A high-level overview of each module of the course)
  • Graphics (4 colorful graphics that are used in the course book and slideshow, .pdf, .ppt & .png)
  • Crowdsourcing Resources and Examples (15 of the best crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platforms with examples for you business)
  • Social Media Posts (10 tips about crowdsourcing for sharing on any social media platform)
  • Bonus! Crowdsourcing Big List of Ideas (65 ideas people have used for crowdsourcing)

Sound like something your audience could benefit from?

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