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Yesterday the Summer Deals wrapped up. Or did they? 😉

When we announced each deal, we had every intention of pulling them for good.

But two things happened.

A bunch of you are super busy with summer and have been asking our help desk for exceptions. We totally get that the timing with the holidays makes it hard to catch the deals that you wanted. We don’t want to penalize you for being off the computer doing stuff that’s important to you and your family.


So, we talked and decided to give you guys a second chance. We were going to rerelease all of the deals with a lesser discount to honor our word. But then, we looked at all of the work involved to update every sales page, and frankly just decided to be generous and reopen the offers with the same iscount as before for 24 hours only.

But for real, you’ve only got through TODAY to grab these, and then it’s gone!

Of course, if you Join Our Exclusive VIP Club Program you’ll get EVERYTHING listed below even after the deals disappear from our website. This is truly the best way to get access to all of our done-for-you workshops, planners, forms,workbooks, and more!

Enter this coupon code during checkout to save: 2019

Ecourse Creation Blueprint
($250 off!)

The Only Three Systems You Really Need for a 6-Figure Business
($20 off!)

4 Week Six-Figure Coaching Bootcamp
($250 off!)

How to Discover Your Purpose So You Can Love Your Business & Your Life
($20 off!)

The 4 Week Plan: How to Leave Your 9-5 for Your Entrepreneur Dream Life
($250 off!)

How to Create a Low-Maintenance Monthly Club for Recurring Income
($250 off!)

Money Mindset to Help You Soar

($250 off!)

21 Days to Gratitude for More Abundance and Clarity
($50 off!)

Content Repurposing Workshop
($250 off!)

How to Recognize and Heal from Business Burnout
($50 off!)

From Bland to Brilliant: 50 Things Your Website Needs to Attract More Clients!
($7 off)

Your 12 Month Marketing Calendar
($250 off!)

PS. Coach Glue’s very BEST deal is still the All Access VIP Program because you’ll get every workshop, every teach your tribe package, and every planner we create – all for about the price you’d pay if you bought each of our 12 daily deals separately.

See Everything that’s Included in the VIP Program Here

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