Best PLR Sites by Niche


A lot of people think that PLR content is junk and complain that they cannot find good quality products. This checklist will prove the contrary, with a comprehensive list of trusted PLR vendors.

If you are looking for high quality PLR in a specific niche, here is a directory of the best PLR sites for you!

Best Self-Development PLR Sites

Ronnie Nijmeh with

Justin Popovic with

Alice Seba with

Chad Eljisr & Partners with

Best Health & Wellness PLR Sites

Ronnie Nijmeh with

Jennifer Andersen with

Susie O’Dea with

Kate Rieger with

Sue Fleckenstein with

JR Lang with

Tracy Patton Roberts with

Kim Phoenix with

Arun Chandran with

April Lemarr with

Rachel Youngson with

Ruth Pound with

Huw Hugues with

Best Food & Recipes PLR Sites

Trish Lindemood with

Best Planners & Journals PLR Sites

Sue Fleckenstein with

Jenn Alex Brockman with

Di Heuser with

Best Business & Coaching PLR Sites

Sharyn Sheldon with

Nicole Dean with

Best Internet Marketing PLR Sites

Jimmy D. Brown with (Premium PLR)

Steve Dougherty with (All WordPress PLR)

Kevin Fahey with

Sean McElhone with

Alice Seba with

Sue Fleckenstein with

Tracy Roberts with

Tiffany Lambert with

Liz Tomey with

Paul Counts with

April Lemarr with

Arun Chandran with

Charles Harper with (video)

Best Local Marketing PLR Sites

Drew Laughlin with

And if you are on a budget, here are a few more PLR sites that deliver: – Aurelius Tjin – Edmund Loh – DrAmit Pareek – Robert Bolgar – Daniel Taylor – Sajan & Justin – Cally Lee & Yu Shaun – Firelaunchers – Ellie Ruse

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