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“Your 12 Month Marketing Calendar”

Let’s be honest, building a business isn’t as easy your clients thought it would be.

Chances are, if they’re like most entrepreneurs, they never realized just how much content and marketing it takes to get visible online.

Then it hits them. If they want to show up in the search engines, lure in paying clients, and really turn their ideas into a profit – they have to market themselves. And marketing takes effort, strategy, and implementation.

So if your clients are wondering:

  • How can I drum up the consistency needed to deliver valuable content to my audience again and again?
  • How can I promote my paying offers, but more importantly when should I promote (and how can I avoid annoying my loyal fans with constant promos)?
  • When will I be able to turn my ideas into programs (and when will I find the TIME)?
  • How in the world can I fit all of this into one month, two months, three months… the entire year
  • How can I clone myself so I can get more done with a plan that works for both my lifestyle and my business
  • How can I make this year my most profitable year yet?

They need a strategic plan or nothing will get done. They won’t have that consistency, and without that, they won’t have a profitable business either.

How about teaching them a strategic way to put all their ideas into action, for the ENTIRE YEAR?

Using our done-for-you workshop, you can help your clients:

  • Know which content to publish on their blog, in their email system, and on social media to get more visibility, book sessions, and seal the deal on their package offers.
  • Have a plan that strategically works to grow their business, earn way more profits, and give them the time freedom lifestyle they’ve been searching for.
  • Take their plan and pass it onto their team to implement for them, or if they’re running as a solopreneur – have a plan that can hold them accountable.
  • Deliver consistent content to their subscribers and create the know-like-trust-factor they need to get others to invest in a business relationship with them.
  • Have a stress-free publishing and promotional schedule, while never freaking out over what to do next to grow their business.
  • Run their business on autopilot with a proven plan that gets them seen, attracts high-paying clients, and opens the doors to JV partnerships, speaking engagements and more.

So if you’re clients have been tapping away at their desk, fiddling with their paper clip holder, and reaching for just one more cup of coffee to get them through trying to turn their ideas into a strategic plan – then you they’ll love this course!

But you’ve only got through TODAY to grab this done-for-you workshop that’s up for grabs during our deal of the day, and then it’s gone!

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This workshop includes these 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Module 2: Plan Your Programs
  • Module 3: Designing Your Programs
  • Module 4: Planning Your Promotions

You’ll also get access to done-for-you worksheets, checklists, and exercises to use with your clients.

And of course, to help you sell your course we also included sales page copy, promo emails, and more!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

P.S. The very BEST deal is still the All Access VIP Program because you’ll get every workshop, every teach your tribe package, and every planner Coach Glue creates – all for about the price you’d pay if you bought each of the 12 daily deals separately.

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