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facts about plr

3 Surprising Facts about PLR Content

Lily built a thriving coaching business. She loved serving her clients but she wanted to expand to offer more services like group coaching without increasing her workload. Veronica, Lily’s friend, told her about private label

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make plr unique

How to Make Your PLR Content Unique

Private label rights content is content you purchase to use for your business. It’s often much cheaper than hiring a ghostwriter and it’s faster than creating the content yourself. One of the drawbacks of PLR

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How to Use PLR as a Bonus

It’s important you rebrand all your PLR that you are offering as a bonus – This will improve conversions. Choose Quality PLR. Make sure the PLR product that you are offering as a bonus is

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fun ways to use plr

3 Fun Ways to Use PLR

When it comes to building your mailing list, there’s one secret weapon you should definitely be using: PLR content. Private label rights content is an ethical tool that’s easy to implement. Try using it one

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